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Daikin has recently provided a total HVAC solution for an important hotel in Krakow, in Poland, demonstrating once again how Daikin technologies can be of a great value for this kind of applications.  


Product Installed 

– 2x R-32 chillers EWAT-B 
– 6 Modular R/P Air Handling Units
– mini VRV system

– more than 200 fan coils

– Sky Air systems 

Project background 



The hotel needed technology which could provide the building with both cooling and heating. For this reason Daikin provided a total solution system, including two R-32 scroll chillers with heat recovery and variable water flow on the primary circuit, a mini VRV system and 6 Modular R/P Air Handling Units with full automation and air humidification to provide the premises with great indoor air quality. 

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The Air Handling Units installed will introduce fresh and filtered air in the hotel, extracting at the same time exhaust air. Air Handling Units, then, will be providing constant air exchange, ensuring indoor air is constantly cleaned out from impurities and contaminants. 

More than 200 Daikin fan coils, then, will be used to distruibute heating and cooling in the hotel, while Sky Air systems will be used to cool down technical rooms.




Another important aspect was definitely energy efficiency, as hotels, just like any other business, need to keep an eye on running costs.  

Daikin R-32 EWAT-B Series will ensure extremely high energy efficiency ratings. Not only thanks to R-32 which can carry heat very efficiently, but also thanks to variable water flow on the primary circuit, which will help modulating the quantity of water flowing through the system, ensuring that pumps will work as efficiently as possible, thus reducing their impact on energy consumptions. 

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