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The new Daikin R-32 Heat Pump is finally available on the market. After launching R-32 refrigerant in split air conditioners in 2012 and air-cooled chillers in 2018, Daikin has now extended the use of R-32 to another range. Daikin air-coole miltiscroll heat pumps will complete the Daikin Bluevolution R-32 line.

Opening the doors to new opportunities

With the new heat pump EWYT-B- featuring R-32 refrigerant, Daikin opens doors to new opportunities. Just one year after introducing on the market the first chiller using R-32, Daikin is leading the way towards sustainability again, keeping up with environmentally friendly products development.

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This product aims at confining fossil fuels and older refrigerants to a minor role in space heating. Do you know that space heating requires in Europe 54%** of the energy demand for heating and cooling? It is a huge percentage. Especially if we consider that only a very limited share of this demand is satisfied by sustainable technologies. Daikin heat pump EWYT-B- offers a new opportunity to reduce the environmental footprint of heating & cooling systems. It is a product specifically designed to heat up a wide range of spaces, satisfying heating & cooling demand from 74 to 650 kW. That means it can satisfy the needs of a wide variety of applications: residential buildings, hotels, hospitals, offices, trade centers and industrial plants, for instance.

Daikin EWYT-B- specifics

The new Daikin heat pump series will be available with two efficiency versions (Silver and Gold). They are combinable with three sound configurations (Standard, Low and Reduced) and ensure full customisation on project-specific requirements.

The full load efficiency of this new series goes up to 3.52 COP (at nominal conditions). Its design maximizes the seasonal efficiency (part load conditions) to consequently reduce running costs. More specifically seasonal cooling efficiency (SEER) goes up to 4.92 and seasonal efficiency in heating operation is reaching 4.06 (SCOP).

Daikin EWYT-B- compatibility

The EWYT-B- is fully compatible with the Daikin on Site, which offers:

  • remote monitoring
  • system optimization
  • preventive maintenance

Also, the new heat pump comes with Master/Slave functionality as a standard. This option enables the management of up to 4 units on the same system without the need for external control devices. For more complex systems, tough, the optional Daikin Intelligent Chiller Manager in the best way to ensure energy optimization of the HVAC plant.

An extensive list of options and accessories, then, provides further flexibility and choice. These include the fully integrated hydronic kit for fixed flow or variable flow operation, partial heat recovery for sanitary hot water production and many other solutions.

The right choice for the environment

All this makes Daikin new heat pump EWYT-B- a wise and better choice not only for energy efficiency and Return on the Investment, but also to continue pursuing the path towards sustainability. The EWYT-B- with R-32 refrigerant, in fact, is a better option when compared to the use conventional heating options burning fossil fuels, since heat pumps generate far fewer greenhouse gas emissions than conventional heating options.

Heat pumps, are classified among renewable technologies, because they can provide air conditioning, heating and ensure hot sanitary water production, transforming the free and unlimited heat accumulated in the environment into useful energy.

Also, R-32 refrigerant makes the EWYT-B- a better option compared to heat pumps using standard refrigerants like the R-410A. In fact, the GWP (Global Warming Potential) of R-32 refrigerant is exactly one third of that of R-410A refrigerant. But it doesn’t stop with that. Since R-32 is a single component refrigerant, it is much easier to recover and reuse, differently from R-410A, which is a blend and cannot be recycled.

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** Source: Heat Roadmap Europe, 2015 Final Heating & Cooling Demand in France, October 2017 report



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