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Daikin releases new functionalities that will make the R-32 Small Inverter Heat Pump Range a perfect solution for clean energy heating systems.

Originally launched in 2021, the R-32 Small Inverter range has been upgraded with new features to further improve this solution  for heating applications. Newly added options enhance the unit’s control capabilities. The R-32 Small Inverter heat pumps can be connected to operate in tailored heating solutions, and run in combination with for example Daikin Altherma indoor heat pumps, or traditional boilers and electric heaters. The various configuration options allow to design a system that provides comfort heating and hot sanitary water with greater energy efficiency and lower CO2


The R-32 Small Inverter series


The R-32 Small Inverter Heat Pump Series EWYT-CZ is available from stock for fast delivery to customers’ site. It is part of the Bluevolution family of products by Daikin and stands out for the capacity range from 16 to 90 kW, compactness, wide operating envelope, and the high energy efficiency.

The series provides the best efficiency levels in the market, both in cooling and heating mode. That makes each unit from the series an excellent future-proof choice.



More about the new features


Daikin has worked to offer the most advanced features in terms of connectivity.

The Smart Control solutions for the R-32 Small Inverter Series were already designed to reach the highest level of performance and system flexibility, the latest update brought the Series to a whole new level.

Small Inverter heat pumps are now able to offer new functionalities, allowing units to be installed in different configurations. Here an overview of the possibilities that the new features open for the Small Inverter range.

Bivalent operation

This configuration is particularly relevant for heating systems’ efficiency improvement. . This configuration allows to maximize the operations of the heat pump while reducing the use of gas from the boilers, resulting in higher system efficiency and lower environmental impact.


The Water loop Cascade configuration

This is a very relevant configuration for condominiums, for instance.

With this configuration it is possible to pair Small Inverter Heat Pumps with Daikin high temperature indoor heat pump units, so the water provided at a constant temperature from the Small Inverter Heat Pumps can be distributed to indoor units located in different housing units, which can act as heating boosters. This configuration allows condominiums to benefit from the most efficient Daikin heating technology integrated in a dedicated system able to meet all needs – cooling, heating, and hot sanitary water.


Advanced DHW ”Domestic Hot water” control

When domestic hot water is enabled, the Small Inverter activates a digital output to control an . This configuration allows to set the heat pump as primary hot water heater, leaving to the external heater the provision of eventual adjustments.

In this configuration, it is also possible to install the water tank at a maximum distance of 50 meters from the Small Inverter heat pump.


These new functionalities make the R-32 Small Inverter heat pump perfect solutions, whether customers are looking to provide a new building with a modern and energy efficient heating system or need to refurbish the older heating system making it more efficient and environmentally sustainable.


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