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22/10/2019  |  Categories:   Business, References  |  Tags:   Khalifa, sports, WCT, world athletic championship

Daikin centrifugal chillers – Since Qatar won the bidding to stage the 2022 Fifa World Cup, we have often been…

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10/10/2019  |  Categories:   Business, News  |  Tags:   energyefficiency, flexibility, lowGWP, R32, ROI, scroll

Meet the world’s 1st chiller to be equipped with R-32 refrigerant. See how with this ground-breaking product, Daikin ensures business…

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30/09/2019  |  Categories:   References  |  Tags:   districtcooling, middleeast, WCT

The Qatar University Project perfectly describes how Daikin Applied Europe can provide value even in big and complex applications such…

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30/09/2019  |  Categories:   News, References  |  Tags:   casestudy, datacenter, datacentercooling, ITcooling, latinamerica, Odata, reliability

Data center cooling – The ODATA SP2 Project aims at providing a new data center being built by ODATA in Brazil,…

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30/09/2019  |  Categories:   References  |  Tags:   casestudy, chillers, commercial, EBRD, efficiency, energy, energyefficiency, Eurovent, EWATB, mall, R32, screw

HVAC efficiency for big malls – The City Mall Project is an example of how Daikin can support businesses with…

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30/09/2019  |  Categories:   News  |  Tags:   ecodesign, energyefficiency, EWATB, fgas, R32

Bramson’s challenge to the AC industry – Virgin founder and world-famous marketeer Richard Branson recently criticized the air conditioning industry,…

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