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Daikin has recently supplied an air-cooled screw inverter chiller to meet the cooling needs of a company operating in the oil and gas industry.





Total cooling capacity: 1128 kW




This project aims at providing an oil and gas plant based in Middle East with a cooling system, able to supply chilled water used by Condensate Stabilizers.

“Stabilization” is the process that results in the removal of the most volatile hydrocarbons in crude oil or natural gas.

To be safely transported and stored at atmospheric conditions, the oil and gas should essentially be free of those components, and a Condensate Stabilizer system reduces the vapor pressure of crude oil or natural gas, so that the liquid product can meet the typical specifications such as vapor pressure and/or individual component concentrations to allow storage and transportation.

Of course, this kind of projects require absolute reliability of the chiller unit, but also energy efficiency. Not just to contain operative costs, but also to minimize the environmental impact of the industrial process, which is something very important for the end-customer.




Daikin has managed to meet the customer need supplying an air-cooled chiller from the TZ Series.

This Series has all is needed to operate in a Middle East environment and integrates features that ensure great reliability and performance despite operating in high-temperature or harsh environment.

Among the notable features allowing this, there is the 3rd generation single screw inverter compressor designed by Daikin.

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The screw inverter compressor by Daikin has been successfully used in so many different projects over the last 20 years that has made Daikin an absolute leader in the screw compressor field.

Over time, Daikin has introduced and integrated ground-breaking technology in the design of the single screw compressor. Constantly pushing the boundaries in the industry, constantly innovating.

Technologies as the Variable Volume Ratio (VVR), or the refrigerant cooled inverter technology, have been directly integrated in the single screw compressor design, helping increasing reliability – especially in Middle East environments – and chillers’ energy efficiency.

In fact, the integrated inverter technology helps the chiller providing outstanding performance both at full load and part load, helping the chiller adapting to conditions variations that might happen during the year.


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