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Daikin has recently supplied a complete HVAC system to meet the cooling needs of a food processing plant in Hungary. The end user operates in the supplements business, producing plant-based supplements, and most specifically vegan proteins.

Products Installed:

2x Rooftop units

2x R-32 Scroll chillers

9x Split-Sky-Air outdoor units

Total cooling capacity: 800 kW Cooling

Airflow: 24000 m³/h

About the project

The food processing plant uses new and advanced technology, so to have both optimal use of plant raw materials as well as the production of functional protein ingredients and applications for high-quality vegan and vegetarian foods. That is the outcome of a successfully developed and patented process for the holistic use of sunflower seeds, which, of course, requires innovative technologies and a HVAC system able to support them.

The HVAC system Daikin supplied will be not only be used for process cooling purposes, cooling pipes, tanks and components, all machines component, all made of stain steel, but will also be used to distribute cooling in rooms and storage facilities.

More about the project and the solution supplied

For this project, environmental sustainability, reliability and energy efficiency, were very important aspects.

The sustainability aspect was addressed using chillers from the Bluevolution range, which, thanks to R-32 refrigerant, not only ensure low CO2 direct and indirect emissions, but can also opens up to reclamation possibilities.

Read more here about R-32 and refrigerant reclaimation

Reliability, then, was guaranteed by the huge experience Daikin has in R-32 technology development, with an unparalleled number of installations across the world.

The energy efficiency aspect, though, was probably the most interesting one.



Daikin managed to meet the energy efficiency needs of the plant supplying units with the natural migration free cooling option, which will allow the system to take advantage of favourable outdoor temperatures, turning off chiller compressors and using the low outdoor temperatures to chill water, then saving energy.

Daikin natural migration solution is glycol free on the water side, which ensures savings from a maintenance perspective, and avoids any risk of contamination in process cooling applications. That was an importer requirement to meet for this project, so not only the HVAC system was made very efficient, but also safe in terms of contaminations.


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