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Daikin has been supplying heat pumps from the BLUEVOLUTION range of products as a solution for small size residential projects integrating drain-back solar system kits to use solar energy for hot sanitary water production. One of these projects have recently been executed in Porto, Portugal. The new R-32 Small Inverter Chiller has proved to be an extremely valuable solution, even for residential projects, showing the great set of possibilities Daikin can offer with a wide and comprehensive product portfolio, which can meet the needs of projects ranging from big stadiums to relatively small houses.

Products Installed:


Total cooling capacity: 16 kW

Total heating capacity: 16 kW

About the project

The main goal of this project was offering the end customer a solution which could provide cooling or heating, based on the thermal needs coming with the season, and hot sanitary water. All that, with a system which could ensure absolute reliability, high energy efficiency and low running costs.

More about the project, the solution and the product

Daikin has managed to meet the needs of the end customer thanks to the new R-32 Small Inverter Chiller in the heating version – a heat pump solution which could easily meet the capacity needs of the specific project (16 kW) and can provide the highest energy efficiency values in the market for the product segment.

The R-32 Small Inverter Chiller was installed in a system which will be providing either cooling or heating (based on the season) to fan coils installed indoor, and hot sanitary water. Besides that, the system is connected to a Daikin solar drain-back system, which will be using solar energy to integrate the production of sanitary hot water and make the whole system even more efficient.

The new Small Inverter Chiller was an extraordinarily valuable solution for the project, as it could meet all the above-mentioned needs thanks to the modern design aiming at providing outstanding efficiency with full inverter units optimized to provide the best performance with a low GWP refrigerant such as R-32.

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Reliability, then, was ensured by Daikin’s huge experience in developing R-32 technology.

In 2018, Daikin was an early innovator and made history by introducing the first R-32 refrigerant chillers, followed by free-cooling scroll units the same year, and the R-32 Heat Pump in 2020.

Today, Daikin is the brand with the highest number of R-32 installations in the world, as a testimony to the experience, the knowledge, the quality and the reliability of its R-32 products.

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