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Daikin has recently supplied ventilation solutions within a project involving two high school facilities in the Netherlands. The HVAC systems will provide comfort cooling, heating and will ensure high indoor air quality standards for 3,355 occupants between students and employees.




4x Daikin AHU – Modular R including DX module

1x Daikin AHU – Professional including HW, DX coil and control panel


About the products and the project


The project involves high school facilities for different education levels. The school is located 2 municipalities: Putten and Ermelo.

The 4 Modular R units were installed in the school in Putten, and the Professional unit was installed in the school in Ermelo. The two systems will ensure excellent air quality in the classrooms and offices, besides providing the comfort needed both in terms of heating and cooling.



Among the main drivers for choosing Daikin there was sustainability. The school is UN Eco-School certified. They were looking for HVAC systems allowing to meet challenging sustainability goals through great energy efficiency of the AHUs and the use of solar energy to power them up.

Besides sustainability goals, the project also aimed at creating a safe and healthy environment both for students and employees, providing them with comfort and indoor air quality.


More about the project


Daikin not only managed to meet the end user needs in terms of energy efficiency thanks to the advanced technology, but also managed to meet needs in terms of creating a good environment for people.

Indoor air is usually more polluted than outdoor air, as it contains a wide range of particles or even viruses. So, poor indoor air quality is a symptom of an unhealthy environment, which negatively impacts people’s cognitive abilities or causes them to fall ill more often. Good ventilation system, though, can help creating healthier spaces in schools.

Daikin air handling units will help ensuring proper ventilation of the premises and filtration of indoor air, so the occupants can breathe the purest possible air while working or studying.

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