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In this project Daikin offered a reliable and energy efficient solution for a refurbishment project involving a company working in the medical sector.


Products Installed


1x EWYT-B air to water heat pump with scroll compressor and R-32 refrigerant


Feedback form the field


Here is what EUCOS – the company managing the refurbishing of the HVAC system – told us about this project.

“We are an Italian company specialized in the installation and maintenance of HVAC systems since 1903, for over a century we have been specialized in the sectors of industry and public administration with our own staff and all the certifications required by our sector.

In this project we worked for a leading company in the laboratory diagnostics market in the fields of hematology, microbiology, serology and autoimmunity. They produce clinical diagnostic equipment for the analysis of the Speed of Erythrosedimentation and Rapid Bacterial Culture, and they work in 100 countries around the world, also collaborate with several Italian universities.

For a few years the heat pump serving the offices and the production plan of this client, had repeated breakdowns, impacting production processes and forcing them to face expensive repairs. As maintenance and plant managers for this client we have come up with a project aiming at refurbishing of the HVAC system serving the plant with an eye on energy efficiency”.

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More into details


“The system serving the facility requires the presence of a heat pump providing cooling/heating all year round, through air handling units, fan coils and radiant floor panels for heating. For this project we chose a Daikin R-32 heat pump EWYT-B-, as the best technological product at the top of its class.

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Since this client works in the medical sector, the main milestone was to ensure an energy efficient, reliable and redundant plant. Those are common requirements for this kind of clients.

Also, the heat pump is equipped with a heat recovery system, which in the summer sends part of the condensation heat to the hydronic circuit serving the post heating batteries in the various Air Handling Units in the plant”.


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