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Daikin has recently supplied a complete solution for an office building of a Dutch company in the flower import/export business.


Products installed:


1x D-AHU Modular P




About the project


The main goal of this project was providing the office building with a HVAC system able to provide indoor air quality, plus, comfort cooling and heating.

The project requires to supply a solution for a three floors office building and related underground parking lot. Air treatment was addressed choosing a Daikin D-AHU Modular P air handling unit, while the heating and cooling demand were satisfied with the installation of two VRV IV a R-32 heat pump from the Small Inverter Chiller Series to underfloor heating in the offices. A Daikin split unit has also been installed to cool down the server room in the building. The system, then, is fully controlled and managed by the Daikin intelligent Touch Manager (iTM).


More about the products installed


For this project a all-in-one solution was required, allowing the end customer to get the most complete package from a single brand, ensuring perfect integrability of system components and easy installation.

Another important aspect in the project was environmental sustainability of the HVAC system, which had to be highly energy efficient to keep energy consumptions low and contain the building’s carbon footprint. For this purpose, the HVAC system included units which stand out for ensuring very low CO2 direct and indict emissions.

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And finally, indoor air quality was another central aspect to the project, as it was important to create a good working environment for people.

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Indoor air is usually more polluted than outdoor air, as it contains a wide range of particles or even viruses. So, poor indoor air quality is a symptom of an unhealthy work environment, which also negatively impacts employees’ cognitive abilities or causes them to fall ill more often. but good ventilation system can help creating a healthy workplace and even make people more productive.

The Daikin D-AHU Modular P installed in this project will help providing occupants in the building with modern and a high-quality working environment, ensuring proper ventilation of the premises and filtration of indoor air, so both employees and visitors can breathe the purest possible air while in the building.


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