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Daikin has recently supplied a total solution to maintain temperature in the train switching system control room of a French intercity high-speed rail service.


Products Installed


10x VRV

1x iTM system control

1x D-AHU Modular R + with DX Coil and ERQ250

4x Mini SkyAir

Total Airflow: 7,315 m3/h


About the project


The building cooled down by the Daikin solution houses a railway control system, which, of course, generates heat that needs to be dissipated, otherwise malfunctioning of might occur.

The HVAC system will distribute cooling to high voltage rooms, switch control rooms and technical rooms to ensure maximum operational safety. Of course, the main requirement for this project were:

  • energy efficiency
  • absolute reliability

The Daikin units chosen for this HVAC system will help meeting both requirements as Daikin technology is specifically designed to offer the highest possible energy efficiency, containing operative costs, and ensuring the quality and reliability associated for years with the brand.

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