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Sustainable HVAC solutions for offices are more and more important as our cities and their business districts more and more need ecofriendly buildings.

The Senator House is a replacement project which will be executed in London. It will envolve a recently redesigned office building, and will ensure comfort and full productivity for the occupants.

Projects requirements


Total cooling Capacity:  2,426 kW

Clients feedback

Jonathan Lewis Senior Engineer at Flatt Consulting, advising on the replacement of the two chillers at Senator House, and Tommy Roe, building service engineer from H&V Building Services, both working on the project, were here at Daikin Applied Europe factory for a witness test.

Here is what Mr Jonathan Lewis and Mr Tommy Roe told us about the project they are working on:

“The project is a replacement of two existing chillers for a 7 floors office space”.

Sustainable HVAC solution for offices – The main aspects

“The main aspects for this project were efficiency over the existing units. The chillers are twelve years old now and the end user have had a few issues with them. So, the client was looking for a more efficient product.  Efficiency – ensured by Inverter technology – was a driver for the choice of these units. And then reliability, of course, was another important aspect for the end user. Also, the refrigerant played a role in the choice made. We choce chillers equipped with R1234ze for the low GWP and because it is more environmentally friendly. Having sustainable HVAC solution, specially for offices in the busin in the middle of London is very important. That is a requirement for any project, actually”.

Find here on the TZ range extension and how it can ensure high efficiency and low impact o the environment.

“[…] These units offer an improvement over the existing chillers also in terms of noise levels, which is important for an office application. […] We have been working with Daikin for a while and the things that we really appreciate about the brand, the technical backup is very good as well… it is professional and reliable”.

About Daikin

“[…] We also had the chance to see the factory and it is impressive. It is a nice working environment. This test facility is impressive too. Its flexibility is something we really appreciate”.

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