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Daikin has recently released the New Digital Control Platform, which will take the air handling unit Professional Series to a whole new level.

The Daikin Digital Control Platform stands out of the crowd for the great flexibility, being a control solution able to provide infinite possibilities and exactly match any customer need.

The new digital AHU control platform is the evolution of the standard control solution previously available with the Daikin AHU Professional Series. The new platform allows the connection of the different sections and devices that might be part of an AHU Professional unit, perfectly responding to the need of having an easy and efficient solution to connect all the components and elements part of each section of a unit.


About the Daikin AHU Professional Series


The Daikin AHU Professional Series offers a tailor-made solution allowing more than 1000 possible combinations, distinguishing for being a highly flexible and customizable air handling unit solution, suitable for many different applications.

This Series allows to tailor the AHU solution to any client need, thanks to a wide variety of options and the modular nature of the Series itself, which allows to offer AHU solutions in many different sizes, depending on the needs of a specific project.

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How the new Daikin Digital Control Platform works


The new control solution uses a digital control box that is integrated in each AHU section in order to connect all the sensors and actuators, and then communicate with the DDC Controller mounted on the AHU unit.

All this makes Daikin’s solution unique in the market.

The new Daikin Digital Control solution makes wiring easier and quicker than a traditional solution, thanks to a platform that simplifies the communication between the different sections and devices on a Daikin Professional air handling unit.

That is very important, as the Professional Series is made of modules that usually need to be connected and assembled on site, given the size the units can reach.

While the standard control solutions still helped connecting the different modules and devices on a unit, it posed limits in terms of inputs and outputs, and then in terms of number of modules and devices that could be connected.

The new digital AHU control platform overcomes these limits thanks to a digital box offering up to 310 input and outputs, allowing infinitely expand the possibilities offered by the Professional Series.


The advantages offered by the new Daikin Digital Control Platform works


This new control platform not only makes the Daikin Professional Series even more flexible than before, but also makes wiring easier and much quicker than traditional solutions do. Other than that, the new digital control platform helps keeping the wiring very organized, which makes unit’s cleaning operations easier and helps making the unit components more accessible during maintenance. Having less cables across the unit, then, helps reducing installation costs, making the Daikin AHU Professional Series even more competitive.


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