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The new Daikin heat pump with R-32 refrigerant is the result of a hard work involving several players in the research and development of cutting-edge technical solutions. All this to produce a product that could offer the best performance in the HVAC market right know.

The EWYT-B- with R-32 is an important step forward for Daikin, given the increasing importance of heat pump technology in the European market. Do you know the building sector is responsible for approximately 40% of energy consumption and 36% of CO2 emissions in the EU? Because of that, heat pumps are becoming increasingly important for reducing energy consumption and complying with regulations such as the F-gas, Ecodesign and EPBD.

R-32 refrigerant

The great innovation introduced with this product is the use of  R-32 refrigerant. Daikin has long invested in the use of this low GWP (Global Warming Potential) refrigerant. It no secret that Daikin started replacing R410A refrigerant with R-32 in most its residential products already in 2012.

The R-32 refrigerant is considered as the most balanced refrigerant in terms of environmental impact, energy efficiency, safety and cost reduction. For this reason, Daikin has been investing in developing R-32 technology. In fact, in 2018, for the first time in the history of the Air Conditioning industry, Daikin has extended the use of R-32 to Applied products as well, introducing the EWAT-B chiller. Today, the EWYT-B- heat pump with R-32 completes the Applied product line using R-32 refrigerant.

The new Daikin R-32 heat pump: behind the scenes

The aim of this short article is to tell the story that led to the realization of the EWYT-B- project. And we want to tell that story through the words of some of the main actors. In this case, Guido Managò and Alessandro Cantoni, respectively Senior Engineer R&D and Design and Test Engineer at Daikin Applied Europe, were kind enough to tell us about the realization of this new product.


“It was essential for us to build a R-32 heat pump that could meet market and green technology needs (low GWP). We wanted to continue the path started with the EWAT-B. Our aim was to comply with the market demand for very high full load and partial load efficiency. Therefore, we focused on realizing a series that could satisfy these requirements”.

Optimization of components

“We worked to guarantee the best possible optimization of the components, to meet the needs of production, then reducing their work cycles, but also maintenance. It immediately catches the eye how of the components are arranged. It is a very neat design, which ensures perfect accessibility, simplifying maintenance activities.

Compared to the previous series (EWAT-B), for this series we chose the paralled coil layout over the single V condenser coil layout. This allowed us to standardize the components and have an improvement as far as units’ assembly times, as the parallel coil cabinet is much easier to assemble than the single V.

The optimization of the components has allowed us to reach the noise targets at full load, therefore, to reduce the levels of sound pressure. But it also allowed us to have two efficiency classes that make this Daikin series the most competitive on the market”.

Large envelope and highly competitive performances

“On this series, we also have a much larger envelope than possible with R-410A refrigerant. This will allow us to offer a relevant product for many different application fields. The fact that the EWYT-B- can produce hot water up to 60 C° in ambient temperatures up to 35° C, for instance, allows this product to meet the heating needs of different building types. And the envelope will be further extended to allow the machine to be used in collective housing application.

One final aspect, then, is the fact that, we managed to ensure the best performance in heating still achieved a very good balance for cooling performance”.


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