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The new remote factory tour service – a virtual, guided, and interactive tour of Daikin’s manufacturing sites for Daikin’s Applied technologies.

Daikin Applied Europe’s factories can now be visited from remote thanks to the new virtual factory tour. All manufacturing facilities are available for 360° tours, guided by Daikin’s engineers.

Among the facilities available on the newly developed remote tour platform there is Chiller factory, which is the chiller factory originally built in 1969, and then expanded during the years to support the production of the entire Applied product portfolio designed for Europe, Middle East & Africa, Asia, but also South America and Oceania.

Since 1969, the whole chiller plant has expanded both in size and in terms of manufacturing facilities. Today the factory covers more than 20,000 sqm and allows to manufacture over 10,000 chillers and over 5,000 compressors per years.


The chiller factory


The whole factory surface has been mapped to show where both air-cooled and water-cooled -make to order chillers, Daikin screw and centrifugal compressors, as well as the recently released Series R-32 Small Inverter Chiller are assembled. This last facility is particularly interesting because it needed a different manufacturing approach to meet the requirements of a “make-to-stock” production, and that approach resulted in a different and dedicated layout of the production line.

The Chiller factory also provides testing facilities complying with the with the Eurovent and AHRI certification standards, which allow to do performance tests clients can attend and witness in person, or from remote thanks to remote witness test service, which is soon going to be released as a completion of the “Digital services” project, which included the remote factory tour as well.

The new climatic chamber in particular, is AHRI (Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute) and Eurovent approved, and has been independently verified and accredited to test to EN 14511:2013, ISO 9614:2009 and other major recognised European and American HVACR industry standards.

All of these facilities from the manufacturing site based in Rome (Italy), have been mapped and will be available for remote tour, guided by Daikin’s engineers.

Air handling units factory


Along with the chiller factory in Rome, the air handling units (AHU) factory based in Milan will be also available for remote tours.

It is the largest Daikin European AHU factory and was established in 2009. It manufactures over 2,500 air handling units per year, offering technology ensuring high energy efficiency and high indoor air quality levels, under any operating condition. The factory manufactures panels, thanks to a dedicated line, and both centralized and de-centralized ventilation solutions.

Inverter factory


And then, to complete the tour, Daikin Applied Europe’s Power Electronics Division, opened in 2018, is also available for guided remote tour.

The facility is the result of the acquisition finalized in 2018, when Daikin decided to invest in a team of professionals fully dedicated to the development of Inverter technology.

The need for greater efficiency of the compressors, and the increased attention on energy savings, pushed Daikin to consider the in-house development of this technology strategically important for the company to offer a complete package of solutions.

In Vicenza, Daikin Applied Europe design and produce the inverters which are directly integrated in the Daikin in-house developed screw compressors, just like Daikin design and produce electrical panels with inverter for centrifugal compressors.


Tour Interactivity


Remote factory tourThe virtual factory tour has been built to guarantee interactivity and flexibility thanks to the use of a dedicated 360° platform, able to offer to visitors a first-person view on Daikin Applied Europe’s world and their technologies.

The tour aims at showing the factories in a modern way, ensuring the direct and real time contact (audio/video) between Daikin engineers and visitors during a live session, which will integrate a video call between participants. Through the platform Daikin will be able to offer an experience completely tailored on the actual interests of the visitors, showing and describing exactly what the visitor wants to see.


How to book a visit


The service is already available, and it will be possible for visitors to book visits by getting in touch with their Daikin local sales representatives by using the form below!



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