The perfect cooling for sensitive applications


Cooling capacity 345 kW

1 EWAT205B-SS + 1 EWAT115B-SS


The Hospital Universitario Infanta Elena de Valdemoro is a project executed in Spain, in Madrid. It perfectly shows how Daikin can manage to ensure functionality of equipment and temperature control even in highly sensitive applications like hospitals.

For this project we got the chance to catch up with Mr Rafael Vives, from Instalaciones Openclima S.L., a Spanish HVAC insxallation and maintenance company who followed the project. The Hospital Universitario Infanta Elena has recently installed a Daikin R-32 scroll chiller to work in parallel with another Daikin chiller, in order to provide chilled water to MRI equipment and air handling units distributing cooling to surgical rooms.

Here’s what Mr Vives said about Daikin and the project:

“We have been working with Daikin since the beginning, and we appreciate the brand not only because of the reliability of the units, but for the after sales service too. Also, in this project the R-32 low GWP refrigerant played a major role. We really care a lot for the environment, and the R-32 refrigerant met both our client’s and our expectations”

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