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Ventilation solutions for medical facilities is one of the many ways Daikin can provide value to its customers. In fact, Daikin has recently provided its HVAC technology in a renovation project that involved the ventilation system for operating rooms at the Medical University of Varna – Faculty of Dental Medicine, in Bulgaria.

The project was executed by MMC, one of the first official distributors of Daikin products and solutions in Bulgaria.

Project background

In this renovation project the main aspects consultants had to consider so they could meet the expectations of the client were:

  • need for outstanding indoor air quality
  • thermal comfort
  • need to install equipment which could meet the highest hygiene standards

The Faculty of Dental Medicine is a modern clinical base for the training of students and postgraduate students, aiming at providing them with specialization and qualification courses. Since 2008, the Faculty has a new building for the purposes of theoretical and practical training of students. The center has high-tech and modern equipment and aims to provide opportunities for students to enrich their competences in the field of dental medicine.

This is the context that has set the need for modern HVAC equipment, which could provide the highest standards in Air Conditioning.

Main project needs and requirements

Here is what they told us form MCC about the project:

“In the Faculty (Varna) are trained specialists with higher education in dentistry, postgraduates and PhD students in all dental specialties. Since 2008, the Faculty has a new fully equipped building for the purposes of theoretical and practical training of students.

MMC Inc completed the renovation of the ventilation system in four operating rooms in the Faculty of Dental Medicine to the Medical University of Varna. Two Daikin Professional Air Handling Units with a total capacity of 10 000 m3/h were delivered for this purpose – with extra filtration to meet hygiene standards. Thus, an uninterrupted supply of clean and fresh air is created, which greatly improves the medical staff’s comfort and the overall working conditions.”

How Daikin can provide valuable solutions for medical facilities

This whole project reflects how Daikin can provide valuable solutions for applications like medical facilities, where the HVAC systems need to ensure health, safety and comfort of patients as well as medical and administrative personnel.

Daikin can do that through a wide range of solutions. Among those options, the Air Handling Units portfolio offers highly flexible and customizable solutions that can guarantee the highest indoor air quality, other than ensuring very high efficiency levels and thermal comfort.

Daikin Air Handling Unit Modular L

In particular, Daikin Air Handling Units are well known for being able to provide the highest level of air filtration, which helps making sure building occupants can breathe the best indoor air.

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