Excellent full and part load performance. DWSC is the efficient, flexible and sustainable centrifugal chiller

R. Colacchi - Product Manager


Daikin Centrifugal Chiller DWSC is a water cooled centrifugal chiller solution offering excellent full and part load performance and flexibility.

  • Cooling capacity range: 1050-4500kW (R134a e R513A) / 790-3350kW (R1234ze);
  • The new series offers a wide choice of cooling capacities – from 1050kW (300RT) up to 4500kW (1250RT) with both R-134A and R-513A refrigerants, and from 790kW (225RT) up to 3200kW (910RT) with R-1234ze at nominal AHRI conditions.
  • Single compressor, single stage type


  • High efficiency flooded type shell and tube evaporator/condensers 
  • Optional Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) starter ensuring high part load efficiency 
  • Low equipment, installation and annual operating costs than two single compressor chillers (DWDC) 
  • Unloading to 5% of full load provides chilled water temperature stability and ensures compressors’ durability, thanks to less harmful cycling 


  • Evaporator: Flooded & shell tubes 
  • Condenser: Flooded & shell tubes 

Read more here about the DWSC range extension

Daikin AHRI Water Cooled certificated

Certified in accordance with the AHRI Water-Cooled Water-Chilling Packages Certification Program, which is based on AHRI Standard 550/590 (I-P) and AHRI Standard 551/591 (SI). Certified units may be found in the AHRI Directory at www.ahridirectory.org

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