Office building in Wasaw, Poland

Daikin has supplied an air-cooled scroll chiller with R-32 from the EWAT-B- Series, so the clients’ needs in terms of energy efficiency and enviromental sustainabilitity could be met.


The project aimed at replacing old chiller units, to provide the offices of an important financial institution with a more modern HVAC system and superior comfort.


1x EWAT-B- chiller with free cooling;

Daikin on Site

Total cooling capacity: 350 kW


The main aspects in this project were energy efficiency and environmentally friendliness of the system. Customers had a strong attention towards energy consumption. So, what was really needed from their side, was a highly energy efficiency chiller, which could guarantee the cooling capacity needed with very high energy efficiency levels, hence, low operating costs.


The energy efficiency aspect was addressed also including Daikin on Site (DoS) in the package supplied by Daikin.

Daikin On Site is a remote monitoring tool, that can provide 24/7 real time data, all year round, tracking chiller plants operations and their correct functionality. This platform will allow the owners, not only to take preventive actions on the system and avoid extra costs associated with breakdowns and downtime, but also to monitor the energy performance, and be able to make adjustments so the system can be as efficient as possible at all times.

Energy efficiency was also an important to keep CO2 emissions low, and that was very important for the customers, as they have a special attention toward environmental sustainability.

The use of R-32 refrigerant – along with a set of components optimized to efficiently work with it – not only makes the chiller supplied highly efficient, but also makes it a perfectly green solution, thanks to the low GWP (global warming potential) R-32 can offer.

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