DoS Daikin on Site

DoS Daikin on Site

DoS Daikin on Site improves efficiency and reliability, but also makes servicing more efficient, reducing downtime

Marco Quatrale - Remote Monitoring Engineer

DoS Daikin on Site is an innovative remote monitoring tool for chiller plants and air handling units, providing information with a unique level of detail. It offers a constantly evolving service, and allows plant owners to take preventive actions, then avoiding extra costs associated with breakdowns and downtime.

Daikin on Site provides 24/7 real time data, all year round. It tracks units and components behaviour and monitors their correct functionality. It also allows to create periodical reports for an in-depth analysis of the plant performance, proving itself essential in chillers and air handling units’ plants management.

From a plant manager perspective, then, DoS can be beneficial in many ways. Every time there is an alarm, plant managers can easily recognize the problem and find the right solution. Through this platform they can evaluate all the parameters in real time and if there is a need for any settings adjustment, they can act remotely. All of this allows both to improve units’ operation and management, and allows to increase their reliability.

Also, Daikin on Site allows to plan technicians’ work before they are on site. That means having the possibility to prepare technicians about issues and possible solutions. Also, that allows to give technicians an idea of the spare parts they might need, then speeding up their work. Allowing them to work efficiently and reduce HVAC plants recovery time.

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