Launching the new R-32 Small Inverter Chiller

The Bluevolution family is growing

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Cooling only version

Heat pump version


The Bluevolution range has been extended with the introduction of the new R-32 Small Inverter Chiller – a new Series completing the R-32 product family for the Commercial and Industrial Air Conditioning segment. The R-32 Small Inverter Chiller is now available from stock for fast delivery to customers sites.




The Bluevolution range is made of modern and advanced technologies featuring R-32 refrigerant. These products aim to significantly reduce the environmental impact of Air Conditioning technologies for the commercial sector. All this, without affecting the performance of the units and their ability to produce the required level of comfort. Get in touch to know more!

Refrigerants are more than ever necessary, since the cooling and heating needs of our world are growing. While refrigerant solutions of the past may have had consequences on today’s environment, it is important to find future-proof solutions to current challenges now. That is Daikin’s main goal. Contributing to mitigating refrigerants environmental impact with a comprehensive approach throughout refrigerant and equipment lifecycle.

Daikin, as company who has a unique expertise coming from manufacturing and producing both refrigerants and equipment, has identified R-32 refrigerant as the most balanced refrigerant in terms of Environmental Impact, Energy Efficiency, Safety (R-32 is classified as a A2L – low flammability) and Cost-Effectiveness for AC and Heat Pump equipment. That is why Daikin believes in R-32 and keeps developing cutting-edge technologies based on this refrigerant.


Watch the videos below to discover more about the new R-32 product!

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