DoS Daikin on Site

DoS Daikin on Site improves efficiency and reliability, but also makes servicing more efficient, reducing downtime

Marco Quatrale - Remote Monitoring Engineer

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Daikin on Site is the unique solution for remote monitoring and smart maintenance:

  • Remote Monitoring
  • Reporting
  • Alarm Troubleshooting
  • Energy Analysis

It allows a complete remote operation of every unit with different users and levels of access. Daikin on site is fully compatible with All Daikin Applied Europe products and it can integrate third-party products like IoT devices (i.e. IAQ sensors).


With Microtech MT4 unit the communication protocols such as Modbus and BACNet are available directly from the controller and activated from Factory when ordered or through the after-sales channel.


With MT4, advanced algorithm implementation in the unit controller are possible, such as the Performance Monitoring (Option 186). This sensor-less algorithm calculates the unit cooling capacity by using refrigerant pressure and temperature readings. Electrical power is calculated either from compressor VFD power and fan, or directly measured through optional energy meter.  As a standard, no extra-hardware is required.








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