Smart Controls

The perfect package to shorten return on investment and improve durability of your plant.

iCM Intelligent Chiller Manager

Daikin Intelligent Chiller Manager (iCM) is a system control, specifically designed to optimize the performance of a group of chillers.

DoS Daikin on Site

DoS Daikin on Site is an innovative remote monitoring tool for chiller plants and air handling units, providing information with a unique level of detail.

The Microtech 4

The new Microtech® 4 (MT4) controller is faster, smarter and connected. With the hardware improvements introduced by the new controller on all air/water cooled chillers, advanced logics and algorithms development at unit level are possible.

Daikin IAQ sensor

Daikin IAQ sensor by Daikin is an innovative sensor helping you monitoring air quality in the indoor environments you live