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High cooling capacities in a limited footprint, a wise and effective choice ensuring short return on investment on big projects.

Patients need thermal comfort and clean fresh air. These requirements call for robust and reliable solutions, that can be continuously monitored from remote. Get these achievements with Daikin.

Comfort is a requirement for such applications. The challenge is providing the best comfort and indoor air quality with reliable and efficient technologies. With Daikin you can, explore our set of products.

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Reliable and compact technologies to ensure people comfort and let your business leverage on the largest possible commercial space.

Ensuring people comfort in big commercial spaces is not for all. Explore our set of high capacity chiller units, together with a set of fully customizable air handling units to guarantee the desired level of indoor air quality.

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Maximal reliability in air filtration, humidity and temperature control for critical processes.

Big buildings call for dedicated solutions with high cooling & heating capacities in a limited footprint, together with the ability to propose a complete package to designers. Explore our chillers, heat pumps and air handling units and find out how they can ensure the success of your project.

Efficiency, reliability and compactness. Explore the perfect recipe for your comfort while keeping down operating costs for building owners and tenants.

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