The Plopsa Hotel

Daikin had the chance to support an important player of the hospitality sector in Belgium providing a total HVAC solution for the Plopsa Hotel.


Daikin had the chance to support an important player of the hospitality sector in Belgium providing a total HVAC solution for the Plopsa Hotel.

The above-mentioned hotel is a 117 rooms or suites facility, providing a peaceful and quiet stay to their customers in a unique theatre style.


25x VRV systems

ER250AWCondensing unit

1x Professional Air Handling Unit

6x Modular R Air Handling Unit

2x Modular P Air Handling Unit

Daikin J&E Hall Condensing Units

Daikin Zanotti Condensing Unit

Intelligent Touch Manager

BACNET Getaway


The pieces of equipment described above will be used to ensure that the Plopsa Hotel’s customers will always be offered the most comfortable stay and the best services, for a great overall experience.

It was really important to meet the cooling and the heating needs of the hotel, to guarantee customers comfort expectations are met at all times. But it was al so important to ensure that air quality in indoor environments is always at its best. Especially now that we need to keep people safe from Coronavirus infection.

As guests are a number one priority for the Plopsa Hotel, Indoor Air Quality has always been a main concern to hotel managers. They want to put in place the best possible practices and provide the facility with the best technologies the market can offer. So, ensure their clients have an amazing experience at the Plopsa Hotel, it was important to make sure that proper air exchange and air filtration in the rooms and common spaces was provided with through the Air Handling Units.

Another important aspect for the hotel managers, was to have one HVAC supplier that could satisfy all their needs with an all-in-one tailor-made system that could also be energetically efficient.

And then, other than high end-result with temperature comfort, there was acoustic comfort, which was ensured by the very low noise levels Daikin can guarantee on the full range of products.


Daikin managed to meet the comfort and indoor air quality needs of the hotel thanks to a combination of VRV units and Air Handling Units installed on the rooftop.

The Air Handling Units installed are introducing fresh and filtered air in the hotel’s premises, extracting at the same time exhaust air. That means the Air Handling Units are constantly providing air exchange, ensuring indoor air is constantly cleaned out from impurities.

And then, there is the refrigeration part, where Daikin, thanks to the solutions from J&E Hall and Zanotti, managed to meet the hotel’s needs.

Specifically, Daikin J&E Hall Condensing Units where installed to provide cooling for refrigerators and Kitchen spaces, and Daikin Zanotti Condensing Units were installed to provide refrigeration to Freezers and the Buffet area.

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