Daikin Air Handling Units Modular P

Daikin Air Handling Units Modular P

Plug&Play unit with counter flow plate heat exchanger up to 92% energy efficiency, no cross-contamination risk for the best IAQ

M. Gallo - Product Engineer

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Daikin Air Handling Units Modular P is a highly efficient Air Handling Unit solution featuring plate heat exchanger technology.

  • AIRFLOW: 1,100 – 12,500 m3/h
  • 10 pre-defined sizes
  • ESP: 200 Pa
  • SFPv2: up to 1,39


  • Operating limits from -25 °C, -40 °C with electric heaters
  • Inverter driven with IE4 premium efficiency motor
  • High-efficient blade profiling
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Optimized SFP (Specific Fan Power) for an efficient unit operation
  • Plug & Play Controls
  • Monitoring and control through Daikin Intelligent Touch Manager ITM
  • VDI 6022 compliant
  • Possibility to import BIM objects in Autodesk® Revit, thanks to a dedicated free plug-in available for downlod


  • Premium quality counter flow plate heat exchanger, recovering up to 93% of thermal energy, no cross contamination
  • Easy installation and commissioning

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Daikin Eurovent certificated

Certified in accordance with the Eurovent Certification Program: Liquid Chilling Packages and Heat Pumps (LCP-HP).
Certified units may be found in the Eurovent website at www.eurovent-certification.com

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