Compact water to water screw heat pump series featuring R-1234ze refrigerant for very low environmental impact and high temperature applications.

Giulia Regano - Application Engineer

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Daikin screw heat pump EWWH-J- is a water to water heat pump reversible on water side standing out for its compactness and reliability.

  • Cooling capacity range: 89 – 201 kW
  • Heating capacity range: 106 – 243 kW *
  • EER: up to 4.24
  • COP: up to 5.07 *
  • SCOP: up to 5.21 *
  • IPLV: up to 4.91
  • Daikin semi-hermetic single screw stepless compressor

*low temperature application

  • Optimised for use with R-1234ze
  • Condensing leaving water temperature up to 75°C for high temperature heating application
  • Providing chilled water temperatures down to -5°C on standard unit by adding glycol
  • Highly efficient both at full and part load conditions
  • NEW MicroTech 4 controller with superior control logic and user-friendly interface
  • 1 circuit
  • Evaporator: Brazed plate
  • Condenser: shell & tubes
  • Compact design for easy indoor installation or retrofit operations

Certified in accordance with the Eurovent Certification Program.
Certified units may be found in the Eurovent website at www.eurovent-certification.com

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