Open Protocol Cassette AC fan motor unit for ceiling mounting and 4-way air discharge
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AC Cassette open-protocol

• Cooling capacity range: 1.7 - 9.7 kW
• 6 sizes for 2 pipe and 5 sizes for 4 pipe


• Designed in two dimensional frames (600x600 mm and 900x900 mm modularity).
• Made of galvanized steel sheet with internal polyurethane foam coating and external closed-cell polyethylene foam to guarantee heat and sound insulation. Fresh air can be introduced into the room directly through the unit due to the provision of connections for neutral or mixed introduction. Accessories are available for connection to ducts. The electrical wiring is housed in a containment box and is easily accessible from the side for easy connection.
• The condensate drainage pump, with built-in check valve, can lift the condensate up to 0.9 m from the exit point from the unit. The operation of the pump is controlled by a float switch with three levels of action that activate it and stop it during normal operation. If the critical water level inside the main drip tray is exceeded, an alarm signal closes the control valves, stopping the flow of water inside the exchanger.
• Located under the heat exchanger, the main drip tray is made of polystyrene and is inserted inside the profiles optimized for the distribution of air in the room. The supply is completed by the auxiliary water drip tray for the collection of condensates from the regulating valves.
• Easy access to the air filter for cleaning operations.


• Air intake panel (RAL9003) and diffusion louvre guarantee optimal integration into the suspended ceiling panels. In addition to this ABS grille, the new FCND02A design module (made in dibond metal) is also available for air intake and diffusion with the Coanda effect.

Certified in accordance with the Eurovent Certification Program.
Certified units may be found in the Eurovent website at www.eurovent-certification.com

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