The Microtech 4

The new Microtech® 4 (MT4) controller is faster, smarter and connected. With the hardware improvements introduced by the new controller on all air/water cooled chillers, advanced logics and algorithms development at unit level are possible.
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Microtech® 4 (MT4) is capable of controlling single or dual-circuit air/water-cooled liquid chillers. The Microtech® 4 stages compressors to maintain the desired heat exchanger leaving water temperature. In each unit mode it controls the operation of the condensers to maintain the proper condensation process in each circuit. Safety devices are constantly monitored by Microtech® 4 to ensure their safe operation. Microtech® 4 also gives access to a Test routine covering all inputs and outputs.

All the new Daikin air/water-cooled liquid Daikin chillers are already equipped with Microtech® 4. The existing models will get an upgrade from MT3 to MT4 in order to take advantage from the main benefits and improvement of the new control system.

The communication protocols available within MT4 Controllers are the following:

-Modbus RTU (Option 180)

-BACNet MSTP (Option 181)

-BACNet IP (Option 182)

The standard communication protocols are directly available within MT4 controller without any additional hardware to be installed. This will lower commissioning costs and speed up BMS integration.

As a standard, MT4 is ready to be connected through DoS with a LAN or a M2M data connection (Option 155).

Main Benefits

  • +125% memory
  • +35%  faster
  • +30% booting
Micro-processor 204MHz - Faster computation
Memory 128MB - Increase memory
Boot Time < 10s - Increase responsiveness
In-built EEV drivers 2 Electronic Expansion valves control
Temperature inputs More temperature probes input range
In-built HMI Improved look and feel LCD ad Buttons

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