iCM Intelligent Chiller Manager

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F. Aruta - IT Systems Director

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Daikin iCM Intelligent Chiller Manager is a system control aiming to optimize the performance of groups of chillers. The iCM harmonizes the way every single chiller in a plant operates, allowing them to reach their goal with minimum effort, both in terms of energy consumption and mechanically. All this translates into chillers’ increased durability and efficiency, then generating operating and maintenance cost savings. Daikin iCM can also connects to Daikin cloud monitoring platform Daikin on Site, and can communicate with most popular building management systems (BMS). And because of that it can ensure perfect building management integration.

iCM is responsible for the optimal sequencing and staging of Chillers, Heat Pumps and Multipurpose units composing a Plant. With the new version of iCM implemented onto Microtech® 4 controller, it is also possible to manage mixed Plant configurations in both, Heating and Cooling modes. The extended iCM architecture integrates the management of the Cooling Tower Fans and the Pumps at the evaporator and condenser.

Key Benefits


Energy & Maintenance Costs

Reliability & lifetime

Remote control and monitoring through Daikin on Site

No additional installation required for Microtech® 4 equipped units

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