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Supplying a cooling solution for the biggest Oil refinery in Nigeria.
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Oil Refineries are demanding applications that definitely require reliability, but also flexibility as those are often big projects including a variety of buildings. The following project offers evidence of this. Mr. Ahmed Majed, Building Services Mechanical Engineer at VACC, was kind enough to take the time to talk to us and explain a HVAC project he has been working on. He has recently taken part to the remote witness test for the units that will be part of phase one of this project, which involves the biggest Oil Refinery in Nigeria, for which Daikin is providing 20 units:



8 x EWAT-B- 2 x EWAD-T-B 10 x EWWQ-G-



Here is what Mr Majed said: “The one we are currently working on is the biggest Oil Refinery in Nigeria and I’m the project manager for the HVAC project. For this first phase of the project we have chosen both scroll and screw air-cooled units plus, water-cooled scroll units. It is an Oil refinery built from scratch. In this case, the HVAC system will be required to cover the cooling needs of a variety of buildings, including offices and electrical substations. For this reason, we have chosen different units to cover a wide variety of needs. As per our procedure we went through a list of potential HVAC manufacturers and finally we came to conclusion that Daikin was the right choice for this project. Efficiency was clearly important, but one of the real concerns for this project was water quality, as the quality of the water we have on site is different than the standard. For this reason, we had to request some modifications to the heat exchangers, using stainless steel instead of copper. Also, the site is quite close to the sea, so we also had the units treated with blue coating as an anti-corrosive. The factory test then, was another important requirement for the project, as it was necessary to prove the quality and the performance of the chillers.”



One of the most interesting aspects for this project was definitely Daikin’s ability to provide a wide range of solutions, covering the needs of the many different buildings in the project – from offices to electrical substations. That was possible thanks to the wide range of solutions Daikin Applied product portfolio can offer, even for the most sensible applications like Oil & Gas facilities.